CSIRT.UMINHO (University of Minho’s Computer Security Incident Response Team) is a service in the area of information technologies security provided by University of Minho's Information and Communications Systems Service Unit (USSIC), more sepcifically by its Cibersecurity Department, to its Academic Community.

The success of cybersecurity is to promote a culture of security that provides everyone with the knowledge, awareness and confidence needed to use network infrastructures and e-services, reducing risk exposure.

It is fundamental to inform, sensitize and raise awareness of the academic community of the University of Minho in the area of security in cyberspace, in order to maintain its activities that require the use of computer systems within acceptable security parameters.

It is an objective in the pursuit of CSIRT.UMINHO’s mission to respond to the challenges of cyberspace by cooperating at all levels in a network with various national and international organizations in the several fields of activity.